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Volta Trucks

Volta Trucks, at the forefront of urban transportation innovation, is leading a sustainable charge with its revolutionary approach. Their all-electric vehicles are meticulously designed to combat air pollution, boasting zero-tailpipe emissions and a central driving position for enhanced safety in urban environments.

Founded in 2017 by visionaries Carl-Magnus Norden and Kjell Waloen, Volta Trucks is on a mission to reshape vehicle ownership and urban delivery for a greener future. Their vision extends beyond zero-emission transport; they aim to combat global warming and create safer, healthier cities.

Safety is a cornerstone of Volta Trucks' design philosophy, prioritizing the well-being of all road users. They are not merely changing gears; they are transforming urban landscapes into sustainable, tranquil ecosystems.

Now, more than ever, as emphasized by founder Carl-Magnus Norden, it is time for change. Volta Trucks seeks advocates who can expedite the transition to fully-electric delivery fleets, reducing harmful emissions and improving urban environments. With Volta Trucks leading the way, the future of urban transportation is poised to be cleaner, safer, and more sustainable for all.

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