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Valla is on a mission to revolutionize access to justice, particularly for those facing workplace challenges. Their primary aim is to reduce the exorbitant costs associated with employment disputes by a remarkable 90%, making legal justice more accessible.

Valla stands as a champion for individuals who feel marginalized or mistreated at work, be it women dealing with workplace issues, trans individuals concerned about disclosure, disabled workers seeking to preserve remote work advantages, or those affected by age, race, or gender discrimination.

Their innovative and free platform simplifies legal paperwork, evidence collection, and form generation, eliminating the need for costly legal representation. While offering guide articles to explain employment law basics, Valla isn't a law firm. Instead, they bridge the gap between technology and legal expertise, ensuring personalized legal advice at a fraction of traditional costs.

Comprised of a dedicated and diverse team, Valla is passionate about helping individuals navigate workplace disputes, from the CEO to developers and advisors. They are committed to staying connected with users' real issues, providing valuable support in the pursuit of workplace justice.

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