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Novai is a pioneering company dedicated to the development of cutting-edge DARC technology, which is poised to revolutionize ophthalmic healthcare. Their mission centers around preserving vision through early detection and treatment of eye diseases, and they accomplish this through a novel real-time cellular platform that fuses biologic components, specifically Annexin-776, with advanced artificial intelligence.

Novai's commitment to improving patient outcomes is evident in their multifaceted approach:

DARC Biomarker: Novai supports pharmaceutical and biotech companies in ophthalmic drug development by de-risking and expediting clinical trials through their innovative biomarker.

DARC Diagnostic: Their focus on early glaucoma detection as an initial application is set to transform disease management, greatly enhancing patient well-being.

DARC Drug Delivery: Novai's vision extends to the development of the DARC biologic molecule as a targeted drug delivery vehicle, overcoming biological barriers that hinder drug distribution to the eye and brain.

Novai's technology offers rapid assessment of the impact of therapeutics and interventions, aiding in patient stratification during clinical trials and identifying non-responders. Their dedication to simplifying medical management and de-risking ophthalmic trials benefits pharmaceutical clients and the broader healthcare community. With a commitment to scientific rigor and numerous awards, Novai is pioneering advancements in ophthalmic healthcare.

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