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MeVitae's mission is rooted in the recognition of biases inherent in both human cognition and artificial intelligence, particularly in the context of the hiring process. These biases, unfortunately, lead to a lack of diversity within organizations, ultimately impacting overall performance and revenue. The question at the heart of their mission is whether this problem can ever be resolved. While human biases cannot be entirely eradicated, MeVitae offers a compelling solution in the form of Augmented Intelligence. This deep learning system processes data on a human-like scale but without introducing biases, enabling organizations to make hiring decisions that are accurate, fair, and free from prejudice.

Founded in 2014 by Riham Satti and Vivek Doraiswamy, MeVitae represents a fusion of neuroscience and computer science expertise. Their aim is to bridge the gap between people and machines, unlocking human potential through innovative technology. Over the years, MeVitae has partnered with organizations worldwide, fostering diversity, transformation, and inclusivity.

With the support of investors and an unwavering commitment to Augmented Intelligence, MeVitae continues to push the boundaries of people science and HR. Their vision centers on creating collaborative and inclusive cultures, recognizing that collaboration is the driving force behind meaningful change.

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