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Mayku is on a mission to transform the world of manufacturing by accelerating the shift toward local production. Their core belief is that everyone should have access to the tools necessary for creation, and they've made it their goal to make manufacturing accessible to all.

Mayku challenges the traditional centralized mass manufacturing model, which is often complicated, slow, expensive, and risky, particularly for small-scale production. They aim to break down the barriers to entry for individuals and businesses by providing tools for desktop mass production, creating what they call a "Desktop Factory." This factory encompasses machines, materials, and software designed to facilitate the initiation of production lines.

Mayku envisions a future where manufacturing is decentralized, enabling anyone to produce what is needed, where it's needed, and when it's needed. They see this as a crucial step in accelerating the global shift toward localized manufacturing.

Their FormBox machines, used by thousands of people in 74 countries, are a testament to their vision. Mayku invites individuals and businesses to join their movement, bringing manufacturing back to a local level and making ideas come to life.

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