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Lunio is a dedicated team of marketers and technologists committed to providing advertisers with transparency and authenticity in their digital marketing efforts.

Their mission revolves around making the internet a more trustworthy space for businesses looking to grow. Lunio tackles the issue of fake clicks, traffic, and leads head-on, believing that digital marketing should be built on trust, transparency, and genuine human interactions.

Neil Andrew, the CEO of Lunio, leads the company with a commitment to total honesty, excellence, and privacy. They adopt an upfront and honest approach in all their dealings, striving for excellence in every aspect of their work and respecting online privacy as a fundamental right.

Lunio's inception in 2018 was driven by frustration over paying for worthless clicks in digital marketing campaigns. Neil Andrew, Alex Winston, and Segev Hochberg founded the company to help marketers identify and block clicks from unreliable sources, ensuring that marketing budgets are spent more efficiently on high-performing ad campaigns.

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