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FourJaw, born out of a deep-rooted passion for manufacturing, emerged as a spinout from the University of Sheffield's Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre in 2020. Since its inception, the company has remained dedicated to its overarching mission: delivering accessible technology to empower manufacturers in reaching their full productivity potential.

Today, FourJaw proudly offers award-winning technology that enjoys the trust of manufacturers worldwide. However, their greatest source of pride is their team, a diverse and talented group of individuals who collectively share a profound commitment to leveraging technology's power. Their shared goal is to drive efficiency, productivity, and profitability for manufacturers globally through innovative solutions.

At the helm of this dynamic endeavor are Chris Iveson, the CEO, and co-founder, along with Robin Hartley-Willows, the CTO, and co-founder. Together, they lead FourJaw in their unwavering pursuit of transforming the manufacturing landscape with accessible and empowering technology.

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