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Dropmed's procurement system is a trusted solution that simplifies and expedites the purchasing process for healthcare providers. It offers a comprehensive platform where you can access all the necessary products and suppliers, create and save favorite items in your shopping lists, and ultimately spend less time on procurement in the future.

With Dropmed, you can quickly search for products in Sweden's vast inventory of medical equipment, including supplies, consumables, and office supplies. The system streamlines your purchases by consolidating a wide range of products in one place, saving you valuable time during procurement.

In addition to the convenience of centralized purchasing, Dropmed offers assistance with negotiating better contract prices and the option to join pre-negotiated discounts from other clinics. You can also receive support and communicate your procurement needs directly with suppliers.

Dropmed's procurement system is designed to make healthcare procurement in Sweden simple, efficient, and tailored to the unique needs of healthcare providers.

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