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Birds Relations

Birds Relations, co-founded by licensed psychologists Helga J Wennerdal and Clara Zelleroth, along with Sofia Brandt and Isa Cederberg, is on a mission to strengthen and deepen relationships in a simple and enjoyable way. Their story began with the fundamental question of how to help couples improve their relationships earlier, before problems escalate.

With a third of all couples experiencing relationship distress and a staggering 50% ending in separation, Birds Relations recognizes the critical need for early intervention. On average, couples seek help six years too late, often when one partner is already considering leaving.

Birds Relations aims to reduce these barriers to seeking help by providing accessible and engaging tools. Helga and Clara, with over a decade of experience as psychologists, lead the way in offering couples therapy and individual psychological treatment. Their commitment to promoting well-being in relationships is evident in their innovative approach, aligning with the Integrative Behavioral Couples Therapy (IBCT) method.

Birds Relations strives to empower couples to thrive in their relationships, fostering a healthier and happier society.

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