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Active Capital Ltd is a global investment firm with expertise in venture capital and growth equity. At our core, we back purpose-driven tech companies that address real challenges. Our themes centre on PlanetPeople and Productivity.


We are committed to ensuring that the most promising companies have the financial support they need. Beyond funding, we offer advisory services and board-level expertise, catering to a variety of stakeholder – from private investors and family offices to corporate ventures programs and financial institutions.


By building strong ties with innovation platforms and ecosystems, often connected to leading universities in Europe, we are well-positioned to identify, fund, and champion the growth of the stand-out companies.


With a global perspective, our investment reach spans European hubs like London, Stockholm, and Zurich, to dynamic Asian markets in Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur. We capitalize on our extensive network to forge synergies between entrepreneurs, innovators, and investors.


We invest in


  • Diverse teams – We believe diversity leads to better outcomes

  • Companies solving real problems - We believe sustainable and inclusive growth is necessary

  • Entrepreneurs driven by passion, purpose, and curiosity

Our team boasts extensive international experience, having made over 40 investments in technology companies at various stages, from Seed to IPO, including 5 exits and one IPO. 


We have crafted and executed investment strategies for direct investments in innovative technology companies, as well as for fund-of-fund portfolios, serving private investors, family offices and major financial institutions.

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